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October 29, 2011
The problem is the
miss-education of the American people and the lack of knowledge that is
given and taught by the bourgeois and their masters. The trick is to pass
power down by giving a few people a chance to direct our traffic. If the
people don’t know what this means, we will tell you, peep, The white man
makes the everyday American believe that money brings us power and
happiness, but he don’t tell you that you are the money that creates his
wealth, peep, this country has inherited wealth off the backs of people,
black people and ever one else in this so called melting pot we as
Americans love so much. We believe that if the white man and his homies
really believed in equality and fair game, instead of feeding the people
lies or just  by not informing they would let people know that power
lies within themselves because the people is what makes this country move,
all people share a part into playing the game or their part. If the people
chose not to participate with his affairs and took care of their own
business, then the people might put him out his own house. See his house is
the white house, and the man that lives in this house lives his life under
their terms which we believe is white supremacy. This is why they won’t and
don t give any of their power up. If they tell us that knowledge is power
than why are they charging any money to go to their schools. This doesn’t
make any since at all; this is capitalism working at its best, but if the
people don’t demand their services which most of the time we could do
ourselves, we would hurt his pockets, this is what striking and boycotting
is about. If we choose not to play his game he won’t get paid, whether it
is war or basketball.  I question why a white man face is on my money
or any man face that is attached to any currency for that matter, which
says a lot. Every time I pull out a dollar a re-enforcement is
instilled of who holds the power in this country. If the people can realize
that we don’t make the dollar, but that we are the dollar then we just
might act. Act in a since of urgency. We believe the time is revolution.
God only promises man so long on this earth, and with an ever changing
world God gives us an option, to live or die, we choose life.

Happy to be alive we thank God for life, health, strength, and a sound mind.




October 28, 2011

Self Reliance

Committing to
growing, all people should become self reliant in order to progress with
ability to earn our own keep, we believe an independent mind with the
guidance of God can change the course of the world. Committed to God’s
purpose and to ourselves we will create our own destiny. If we are going to
have a voice we have to be able to render ourselves as service for the
cause, the cause is whatever we put our minds to. We have to stop sucking
others dry for an answer for us and look to God for an answer.  This
is the time of revolution, radical change in our own selves because of the
feelings we share of being young black and voiceless in a world that is
overwhelming with depending on others to write our story which is life. We
are at a point where we feel we hath to define and design our future, when
we let someone else do it for us we end up back in the same place we
started most of the time with self never satisfied completely with the
outcome of what they had for us. Just above gut feelings we have a bleeding
heart and open wounds unhealed, scrapes cuts and bruises hidden behind
shadows of doubt, breathless amongst a cold world, mute, falling on deaf
ears. As we scream for mercy our souls are dying tormented by rambling on
without taking a true stance, for the sin of idleness committed by all men
we come short of God’s glory. One thing for sure we are all God’s children.
Shame placed on these sibling rivalries blame placed on all participants in
society, coveting money more than the equality of life, not wanting to
collectively fight for bleeding hearts alike. We believe by relying on self
to make the call we believe god will answer, but until we say yes to his
will, instead of change we find our lives much of the same. We believe in holding
one another accountable and being your brothas keeper….but more importantly
we all must become self-reliant and are willing to answer the call. What we
will attempt to do is influence a generation with unpopular as well as
popular values and beliefs that we represent, so that we can leave a
positive and progressive mark on the world. This is tricky though because
the world is me the person, so as me and my brotha Rip write these words a
part of us is being left with you the world. So beautiful is life and we
thank God for the gift daily.

Deuteronomy 8:3 states “And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger,
and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers
know that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but
by every word that proceedeth out  of the mouth of the Lord doth man
live.”  As we embark on our journey we are the creators and writers of
our own story, life is like a book ready to be read, but we have to open
the book to start, when we open it up we find empty pages waiting for the
chance for each and every one of us to tell our story. What we have to do
is believe in God, believe in our self, believe in the people, believe in
the cause, and believe that with God we can do anything, with humility we
will create, no matter who writes the story God is still in control. I once
read God was like an outlet, a power source, and we the people are like a
refrigerator, in order for the food to survive you have to plug in to that
outlet because the power is what gives the refrigerator life in order for
the food to survive. If the refrigerator is not plugged in the food will
parish, we could have the best food and ingredients in town within our
refrigerator but unless we plug in to God we will die, and every time we
unplug we have a chance of dying. If we choose to stay plugged in, we will
have life, so it is important for each of us to become emerged in our
commitment to GOD’s will and our daily duties. We love life, and it hurts
us to see that our community is crippled by the fear and self loathing that
we believe that has been past down for the last few hundred years. We
believe that if the black man and woman wants to be completely emancipated
than we will hath to search for wisdom ourselves.

We believe that the black man lacks a since of commitment with himself as
well as community. We believe we don’t know ourselves; the education we
receive is more generation to generation on black struggle in an unwanted
land that only gives us the white man leftovers. Instead of us
understanding who we really are and knowing our true history, we are
brained washed on others hog wash.  Good happens to those who respect
and kindness becomes random acts, vivid are daily moments caught and placed
in a time capsule within ones soul. Rely on strength from within depend on
it so not to become a dependant. We are the society, life’s breath moves
threw us all, and we must view life with a direction and marvel at the
process of unseen dreams.


October 28, 2011

When do we act? How do we act? Should we act?

I wonder sometimes, if we all surrendered into a state of disillusion and confusion. I will be the first to acknowledge the poison that runs through my body and mind, I’m conflicted daily at what expense will I give in to this vicious cycle that Capital breeds. Most would argue that the system does not need change, maybe it needs reform, and they will say the people need the change. This is why we have so many social workers put in place to ensure stability of a classes system. This is also why we have thousands of flights flown around the world everyday, while the bourgeois tell the people if we don’t cut down on pollution and emissions that we will ruin the world. Their trick is to make money and profit at any or anyone expense while making us think we are the ones responsible. One would have to question the ambitions of the people in correlation with the ambitions of the bosses, in order to justify exploitation of many and greed by few. I believe workers will inevitably be in conflict with their bosses as long as capitalism is sustained. The worker will always look “sideways” at the establishment while they continuously gain wealth by the fruits of his labor. He will always say if I did the work should I be paid for my labor, he will wonder how he still struggles while the establishment grows. He will question the taxes he pays on the dollar he makes as did America to the British, and when he comes to his senses that this shit aint right he also will revolt.
In my opinion the people don’t act because we have not taught ourselves how to act, what we do know how to do is take orders, because of what we’ve been taught. We also don’t act because of the lack of knowledge in most situations and the propaganda that is laid out through distorted education and the mass-media. Through these avenues the people are programmed by a market that exploits needs for wants. I have a personal beef with the black bourgeois and their aspirations of playing role of talented- tenth, while the masses are starving, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically for revolution. How can anyone call himself an artist, give knowledge on the worst of the worst situations that surround them, exploit the truth and manipulate others for self-worth? This is not creativity but a mockery of our past struggles and achievements so that the ruling-class keep control. Reality television is used as a tool by the upper class in order to keep us programmed into someone else’s reality, in order to lose focus on self.

Haiti wow “We didn’t know”

January 15, 2010

 It is so crazy that instead of building a stong intellectual infrastructure, America would rather dumb-down  the masses of people through reality television and theatre. One would argue, why not pass the knowledge  keep control, even if it is propaganda. Another could argue that the people don’t want to know because what one don’t know won’t hurt. The trick is to distract the people with distorted images, acted out by people that claim to know whats really going on when the people live in reality everyday. This is a structured agenda facilitated by the ruling class to program the masses of people through a market that exploits the working-class people all over the world. The lack of knowledge and mis-education of self and community is what keeps us all down. Dependency is acquired among our society because of the lack of confidence we have in ourselves to speak objectively. So what do we do? In my opinion think out the box.

Peace Young Revolutionary

Young black man’s opinion on crisis in Haiti

January 15, 2010

As a young black man in  America it saddens me to witness the devestation of what that earthquake did to a nation that was already one of the poorest in world. I wonder if it is more people who are ready to give their service now if the opportunity was presented. In my opinion more can always be done, I propose to young ambitious willing workers to seek out ways to give back to a Nation that needs us now. to the American Govt., We the people, Union and non-Union workers of the world could make a huge contribution in the outcome of these trying times. A country will hath to be rebuilt, at the same time dealing with the everyday social, political, mental, emotional unrest and unemployment that plagues us on the home front. With overwhelming numbers of people out of work and sitting on un-employment could be offered a livable wage, debt paid,free schooling, per diem, and dual citizenship, while giving a helping hand to a people who has been forgotten. How is it that a country so close to America the beautiful live in the most horrific of conditions? I believe that this tragedy is an eye opener to the capitalist nations of the world and a history lesson to its people, of a people who fought and fights today to free themselves of shackles of colonialism.

Peace Young Revolutionary