The problem is the
miss-education of the American people and the lack of knowledge that is
given and taught by the bourgeois and their masters. The trick is to pass
power down by giving a few people a chance to direct our traffic. If the
people don’t know what this means, we will tell you, peep, The white man
makes the everyday American believe that money brings us power and
happiness, but he don’t tell you that you are the money that creates his
wealth, peep, this country has inherited wealth off the backs of people,
black people and ever one else in this so called melting pot we as
Americans love so much. We believe that if the white man and his homies
really believed in equality and fair game, instead of feeding the people
lies or just  by not informing they would let people know that power
lies within themselves because the people is what makes this country move,
all people share a part into playing the game or their part. If the people
chose not to participate with his affairs and took care of their own
business, then the people might put him out his own house. See his house is
the white house, and the man that lives in this house lives his life under
their terms which we believe is white supremacy. This is why they won’t and
don t give any of their power up. If they tell us that knowledge is power
than why are they charging any money to go to their schools. This doesn’t
make any since at all; this is capitalism working at its best, but if the
people don’t demand their services which most of the time we could do
ourselves, we would hurt his pockets, this is what striking and boycotting
is about. If we choose not to play his game he won’t get paid, whether it
is war or basketball.  I question why a white man face is on my money
or any man face that is attached to any currency for that matter, which
says a lot. Every time I pull out a dollar a re-enforcement is
instilled of who holds the power in this country. If the people can realize
that we don’t make the dollar, but that we are the dollar then we just
might act. Act in a since of urgency. We believe the time is revolution.
God only promises man so long on this earth, and with an ever changing
world God gives us an option, to live or die, we choose life.

Happy to be alive we thank God for life, health, strength, and a sound mind.



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