Self Reliance

Committing to
growing, all people should become self reliant in order to progress with
ability to earn our own keep, we believe an independent mind with the
guidance of God can change the course of the world. Committed to God’s
purpose and to ourselves we will create our own destiny. If we are going to
have a voice we have to be able to render ourselves as service for the
cause, the cause is whatever we put our minds to. We have to stop sucking
others dry for an answer for us and look to God for an answer.  This
is the time of revolution, radical change in our own selves because of the
feelings we share of being young black and voiceless in a world that is
overwhelming with depending on others to write our story which is life. We
are at a point where we feel we hath to define and design our future, when
we let someone else do it for us we end up back in the same place we
started most of the time with self never satisfied completely with the
outcome of what they had for us. Just above gut feelings we have a bleeding
heart and open wounds unhealed, scrapes cuts and bruises hidden behind
shadows of doubt, breathless amongst a cold world, mute, falling on deaf
ears. As we scream for mercy our souls are dying tormented by rambling on
without taking a true stance, for the sin of idleness committed by all men
we come short of God’s glory. One thing for sure we are all God’s children.
Shame placed on these sibling rivalries blame placed on all participants in
society, coveting money more than the equality of life, not wanting to
collectively fight for bleeding hearts alike. We believe by relying on self
to make the call we believe god will answer, but until we say yes to his
will, instead of change we find our lives much of the same. We believe in holding
one another accountable and being your brothas keeper….but more importantly
we all must become self-reliant and are willing to answer the call. What we
will attempt to do is influence a generation with unpopular as well as
popular values and beliefs that we represent, so that we can leave a
positive and progressive mark on the world. This is tricky though because
the world is me the person, so as me and my brotha Rip write these words a
part of us is being left with you the world. So beautiful is life and we
thank God for the gift daily.

Deuteronomy 8:3 states “And he humbled thee, and suffered thee to hunger,
and fed thee with manna, which thou knewest not, neither did thy fathers
know that he might make thee know that man doth not live by bread only, but
by every word that proceedeth out  of the mouth of the Lord doth man
live.”  As we embark on our journey we are the creators and writers of
our own story, life is like a book ready to be read, but we have to open
the book to start, when we open it up we find empty pages waiting for the
chance for each and every one of us to tell our story. What we have to do
is believe in God, believe in our self, believe in the people, believe in
the cause, and believe that with God we can do anything, with humility we
will create, no matter who writes the story God is still in control. I once
read God was like an outlet, a power source, and we the people are like a
refrigerator, in order for the food to survive you have to plug in to that
outlet because the power is what gives the refrigerator life in order for
the food to survive. If the refrigerator is not plugged in the food will
parish, we could have the best food and ingredients in town within our
refrigerator but unless we plug in to God we will die, and every time we
unplug we have a chance of dying. If we choose to stay plugged in, we will
have life, so it is important for each of us to become emerged in our
commitment to GOD’s will and our daily duties. We love life, and it hurts
us to see that our community is crippled by the fear and self loathing that
we believe that has been past down for the last few hundred years. We
believe that if the black man and woman wants to be completely emancipated
than we will hath to search for wisdom ourselves.

We believe that the black man lacks a since of commitment with himself as
well as community. We believe we don’t know ourselves; the education we
receive is more generation to generation on black struggle in an unwanted
land that only gives us the white man leftovers. Instead of us
understanding who we really are and knowing our true history, we are
brained washed on others hog wash.  Good happens to those who respect
and kindness becomes random acts, vivid are daily moments caught and placed
in a time capsule within ones soul. Rely on strength from within depend on
it so not to become a dependant. We are the society, life’s breath moves
threw us all, and we must view life with a direction and marvel at the
process of unseen dreams.


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