When do we act? How do we act? Should we act?

I wonder sometimes, if we all surrendered into a state of disillusion and confusion. I will be the first to acknowledge the poison that runs through my body and mind, I’m conflicted daily at what expense will I give in to this vicious cycle that Capital breeds. Most would argue that the system does not need change, maybe it needs reform, and they will say the people need the change. This is why we have so many social workers put in place to ensure stability of a classes system. This is also why we have thousands of flights flown around the world everyday, while the bourgeois tell the people if we don’t cut down on pollution and emissions that we will ruin the world. Their trick is to make money and profit at any or anyone expense while making us think we are the ones responsible. One would have to question the ambitions of the people in correlation with the ambitions of the bosses, in order to justify exploitation of many and greed by few. I believe workers will inevitably be in conflict with their bosses as long as capitalism is sustained. The worker will always look “sideways” at the establishment while they continuously gain wealth by the fruits of his labor. He will always say if I did the work should I be paid for my labor, he will wonder how he still struggles while the establishment grows. He will question the taxes he pays on the dollar he makes as did America to the British, and when he comes to his senses that this shit aint right he also will revolt.
In my opinion the people don’t act because we have not taught ourselves how to act, what we do know how to do is take orders, because of what we’ve been taught. We also don’t act because of the lack of knowledge in most situations and the propaganda that is laid out through distorted education and the mass-media. Through these avenues the people are programmed by a market that exploits needs for wants. I have a personal beef with the black bourgeois and their aspirations of playing role of talented- tenth, while the masses are starving, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically for revolution. How can anyone call himself an artist, give knowledge on the worst of the worst situations that surround them, exploit the truth and manipulate others for self-worth? This is not creativity but a mockery of our past struggles and achievements so that the ruling-class keep control. Reality television is used as a tool by the upper class in order to keep us programmed into someone else’s reality, in order to lose focus on self.


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