Haiti wow “We didn’t know”

 It is so crazy that instead of building a stong intellectual infrastructure, America would rather dumb-down  the masses of people through reality television and theatre. One would argue, why not pass the knowledge  keep control, even if it is propaganda. Another could argue that the people don’t want to know because what one don’t know won’t hurt. The trick is to distract the people with distorted images, acted out by people that claim to know whats really going on when the people live in reality everyday. This is a structured agenda facilitated by the ruling class to program the masses of people through a market that exploits the working-class people all over the world. The lack of knowledge and mis-education of self and community is what keeps us all down. Dependency is acquired among our society because of the lack of confidence we have in ourselves to speak objectively. So what do we do? In my opinion think out the box.

Peace Young Revolutionary


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