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Haiti wow “We didn’t know”

January 15, 2010

 It is so crazy that instead of building a stong intellectual infrastructure, America would rather dumb-down  the masses of people through reality television and theatre. One would argue, why not pass the knowledge  keep control, even if it is propaganda. Another could argue that the people don’t want to know because what one don’t know won’t hurt. The trick is to distract the people with distorted images, acted out by people that claim to know whats really going on when the people live in reality everyday. This is a structured agenda facilitated by the ruling class to program the masses of people through a market that exploits the working-class people all over the world. The lack of knowledge and mis-education of self and community is what keeps us all down. Dependency is acquired among our society because of the lack of confidence we have in ourselves to speak objectively. So what do we do? In my opinion think out the box.

Peace Young Revolutionary


Young black man’s opinion on crisis in Haiti

January 15, 2010

As a young black man in  America it saddens me to witness the devestation of what that earthquake did to a nation that was already one of the poorest in world. I wonder if it is more people who are ready to give their service now if the opportunity was presented. In my opinion more can always be done, I propose to young ambitious willing workers to seek out ways to give back to a Nation that needs us now. to the American Govt., We the people, Union and non-Union workers of the world could make a huge contribution in the outcome of these trying times. A country will hath to be rebuilt, at the same time dealing with the everyday social, political, mental, emotional unrest and unemployment that plagues us on the home front. With overwhelming numbers of people out of work and sitting on un-employment could be offered a livable wage, debt paid,free schooling, per diem, and dual citizenship, while giving a helping hand to a people who has been forgotten. How is it that a country so close to America the beautiful live in the most horrific of conditions? I believe that this tragedy is an eye opener to the capitalist nations of the world and a history lesson to its people, of a people who fought and fights today to free themselves of shackles of colonialism.

Peace Young Revolutionary